Re:Have you ever chikan’d a target after a chikan finished his business w her? (WARNING: she may be 30 years old)

I've done it a coup times but the most memorable was when i was about 20...I was heading to work, the dress code was business casual so i wore slacks and a collared button down shirt ...when i got on my train there was a couple at the train doors, they were both Black, like me...what was odd to me at first, was he was dressed in jeans and a tshirt....and she was dressed like a she was going to church, and very conservative...she was a black woman, had on a long black skirt, with matching black lace Gloves....When the doors closed they resumed their position he had his back to the door and she was leaning against him...and her ass was amazing! i knew t just looking at her from the front, she was slim build especially through her waist....BUT THAT ASS! the way her hips spread out when she was leaning on him her skirt wasn't meant to be tight, but her ass and hips i think would do that to anything she wore....i was looking at them jealous of this man, wishing i had a girl with an ass and body like that at the time...the train when about two stops, and when and when the second stop came he got off the train...i thought they were gong to speak but no, he got off the train looked back at her while walking away with this weird cat eating grin on his face, she never once looked back at him and her face was expresionless....that's when it hit me...THEY WEREN'T TOGETHER! so now my mind is racing , i had 5 more stops to go before mine....and i wanted that the train was sitting in the station with the doors open and she still had her same position , Back to the train doors, but she stepped up a bit so if they closed they wouldn't hit her....that's when i made my move and took advantage...i walked over to were she was go behind her and acted like i preferred to ride the train with my back back against the doors...after about 2 minutes the doors closed...and this woman just stepped back and plastered her ass right on my dick! just like she was on the guy before me...i looked across to the opposite train door to see her expression...but her face was unreadable...she just had a a blank stare...i was 20 so my testosterone was levels were crazy and i have an enormous erection in her ass...and she would let the motion of the train mover her ass all over my dick...i had 5 stops to go but 3 stops in i bust a HUGE NUT in my felt like i was pissing...and i couldn't control my convulsions i was cumming so hard... so she felt that shit but she still never once moved, she kept her ass on me hard....i was still semi hard when we got to my stop...when we got to my stop i stepped off the train and looked back at her...just like with the first guy...she never looked back...but when i looked down...the cum stain was so big it looked like i pissed myself... I went to work with my bag in front of me, and told my supervisor..i got sick on the train still felt nauseous and asked to go home...he said yes and walked for about 2 hours to allow my pant to dry before i got on a train home.

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