Have you ever chikan’d a target after a chikan finished his business w her?

I was so upset on this day, even though I got my nut anyway lol

I was on the train platform, scoping out a good target with a juicy ass. I was not gonna settle for a average ass. I wanted to spoil myself after not fapping for a little over 2 weeks. After about 3 hours or so of trying to chikan about 8 or so girls with nice asses and getting rejected each time, I was getting ready to just settle for a below average ass. I’m in the middle of the platform and scoped out a skinny girl with a decent ass. It wasn’t my taste really but I was getting impatient.

As the train was arriving I was still scoping around but couldn’t find a girl with a fat ass . Maaan was the train crowded this day. Many girls with fat asses were waiting on the platform for the less crowded trains to not get groped lol. I hate it when they’re smart. Anyway, I said fuck it let me just get this quick nut with this 5/10 broad with a 5/10 ass. The train arrived and as people were getting out, I was still desperately looking around for a fat ass.

FINALLY, I see Dominican lady in her 40’s with a huge ass, 10/10 ass, wearing leggings running to get in the train but each car was crowded as fuck.

Ass looked like this but she wasn’t that fat in the arms and her calves were skinnier than this girl.


There was no room at all. Train doors were about to close so I said fuck it. I ditched my target and I ran as fast as I could to catch up to her. Heart was beating so fast. I see her ass jiggling all around while she was running trying to get into a car before the train took off. Finally I see her get in a train car close to the end of the train and I could tell she was struggling to get in. I was gonna plaster myself onto her back.


I see this guy get out of the car she was getting into, and pretended he was gonna get off but got right back in. I knew right away he was a chikan. He stared hard at her ass right before he got in. The doors were about to close and luckily i was able to jam myself in right beside the other chikan. He was glued to her back. I was so fucking jelly. I was tempted to pull him off right before the doors closed haha.

I was beside him just admiring how deep he was into her ass. I got so horny because he was going so deep and she didn’t show a single sign she knew what was going on. I got hard as fuck can’t lie. I couldn’t resist man. As he was digging between the cheeks I reached my hand out and was groping her thighs. No movement at all. She had no clue :))

The anticipation was killing me. I had no clue if both were gonna get off the next stop.

Finally the train got to the next stop and he got off!! I quickly took his spot and I completely had my way with her. I had a better experience because when he got off, she faced her body towards the train doors to look out the train windows. I made no hesitations. I absolutely glued myself to her back. If you were there you would think it was one of those Japanese groping fake videos. I was grinding my dick so hard, left to right, back and forth. I had her pinned against the train doors. The train was so crowded. Her ass was so fucking soft.

I looked around if anyone was being nosy. No one person had their eyes on us. So I continue to hump her hard and deep and I’m looking at the reflection of the train window. SHE HAS NO EXPRESSION ON HER FACE. I was so turned on by this and completely explode 3 weeks worth of cum in my thin basketball shorts. Still humping her between the cheeks as I was cumming. One of the most unforgettable experiences I ever had.

After I finished she had a bit of cum that went thru my shorts and was in between her ass cheeks. The train arrived at the next stop and man I’m not gonna lie I wish I followed this one home. I’m such a creep lol. I’ve never followed a girl home but this one was so oblivious to her surroundings . It was a complete turn on.

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