I'm so fucking jealous of you guys finding illegal raves. LMAO
Great story you and T for the warehouse raves.
In Cali that shit must be dead and I'm pretty sure if they did have one it just be dominated by mexicans and shit anyway and 99% mexican chicks have no ass and are built funny.
I rather hit raves with snow bunnies and black chicks and other Spanish nationalities so going to NYC doesn't sound like a bad idea to hit these raves.
The West is DEAD for chikan.

Also I think you're in THE UK didn't you say? T is in the states.
Hopefully one day I get to hit THE UK to check out the chikan potential in the scene there.

Don't let weird envious non real action getting assholes who don't have the opportunity as you get in your focus, keep posting stories and keep this dead ass forum alive.
I mean some one has to do it.
Corona virus FUCCED 2020 UP.

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