Humping shoulders, Ass, Whstever!

I’m a little confused about some of you guys bitchin about shoulder humping. To be honest all the shit we as a group does is weird anyways. Everybody gets off on what they get off on. Shit, I know a guy that gets off on bitches shitting on his chest. A girl I know likes to suck Dick, but when you’re about to cum she wants to finish with her hand with my Dick straight up so it looks like a volcano erupting! She moans as she watches. My point being everybody gets off on something different. I ain’t never tried no shoulder humping but I think in the right situation it might be something to it. For a girl to look at your Dick on her shoulder no more than a few inches away from her face? Shit! That might be hot! And for her to let you do it must be exciting to her. I like the inside of girls thighs. I can be fucking the shit out of them and I’ll pull out and nutt right inside the smoothest area inside those thighs. When I goes to the club in the hot months I nut on bare skin. And sometimes if I get the right fuck partner I’ll fuck them titties!

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