In defense of abnormal frotting actions lol (WARNING: she may be 16 years old)

OK I'm not as good at short or long form writing as some here, so I've been holding off on making my first story post. This one started with me chilling at the bar waiting for the main dj or rapper to come out at podunk indoor concert venue. I was chatting to some 15-16 year old dude about music since I didn't know anything about these new lil' rappers and djs, I just went there for some groping. After a few minutes he asked if he could give me a few bucks to buy him a beer because he "forgot his ID". I thought sure what's the harm (yes I know I'm an idiot) and ordered a few cans of something cheap. I paid, the barman put the cans on the bar, and this little punk grabbed one and RAN.

Now I'm an adult with a paycheck, and I wasn't planning to let him pay for his beer with money his mom gave him anyway, but out of shock I said "hey you little shit", and started after him. I must have sounded like I was seriously about to wring his neck because his friend, a petite five-foot-nothing brunette in short shorts, saw the whole thing and grabbed me by the arm with what looked like genuine fear in her eyes, pushed me back onto the bar by my chest, turned around and started GRINDING HER TEEN ASS ON MY DIKK like her life depended on it to distract me.

This girl, no more than 16, threw everything she had at me, she threw her ass in a circle, slut dropped, stood up and wiggled with it, bent over with her hands on the floor, you name it. 20 years of hiphop on MTV and youtube had conspired to teach this white teenage girl from a small town to shake her ass like the baddest stripper in Houston. Now this wasn't my first rodeo, so I grabbed her by the hips and went to work. First I arranged myself in the "12 o'cock" position in my light joggers, and stooped to get a better angle of attack. She was short enough that even stooping, most of my shaft was being rubbed between my belly and her back, as her juicy teen buttcheeks worked my balls and the base of my cock

She was wearing tight short shorts of the "daisy duke" style, something like this

Denim is usually not the best material for this most noble and patrician hobby, but these short were so short that they left a huge expanse of toned milky white teen thigh for me to grope. Jackpot. Her initial flurry of activity over, she settled into a nice grinding rhythm on me as the dj or rapper or whatever finally started. Meanwhile, the main event had started for me too, as I was groping her thighs like crazy, squeezing them, caressing them, sliding up, down the front and sides, around and under the cleft of her ass, squeezing and separating, back to the front, fingers actually on her puss now. I could feel her thighs were sllightly damp from the heat and exertion.

I've never been able to cumm while groping and I don't know how y'all do it so fast, but I could feel the pressure starting to build as she kept grinding and I kept groping her toned thighs, thinking could she be an athlete? volleyball maybe? Nah too short, maybe soccer, all thoughts of the punk kid who started this completely gone. Then as suddenly as it started, she suddenly bolted into the crowd, leaving me weeping from all three eyes.

Best 3 bucks I ever spent tbh

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