Illegal Rave Success #4

For the past couple of weeks I've been attending some illegal raves but the police always busted them. However, last night went surprisingly well as it wasn't raided at all. The guys who organised this were much more prepared. After reading BigT's story I came to realise we weren't at the same rave, so it's clear there are multiple illegal raves in the capital.

This was hosted inside a warehouse, but the front of the entrance was open to the outside so I didn't have to worry about being thirsty and sweating this time. The DJ was still setting things up, so people were just standing around in the dark, waiting. I used this time to scope out the area and get a few swipes here and there to get in the mood. This location was great, but there wasn't that many people here compared to the Halloween event. The Halloween event probably had between 500 - 1000 people, whereas there was probably 100 - 200 people here.

I was hoping people would get together more when the DJ began to play. When they finally began blasting music, people did get closer to the DJ. Unlike the other DJs from other raves, this one began playing popular rap songs, which got everyone in the mood to start dancing crazy. What I really liked is that this created dance circles and moshing.

If you're unfamiliar with this, basically, usually at raves people in the mosh pit would push EVERYONE back and create a big circle and someone would dance until the beat drops and then everyone jumps back into the circle. It goes crazy. When they did this I used this opportunity to grope. It was mainly the guys who were at the front of these, and the girls would just linger at the back because it always got too rough. I would also be at the back with them.

For literally like 30 minutes, every 5 minutes they would make a circle and everyone would get pushed back. The first girl I had was this small brunette girl. She had on jeans and a backpack, which was annoying, but I managed to rub my boner all over her when she turned to the side. She seemed oblivious to this for a while but I got annoyed that I always had to be at an angle because of her backpack, so I looked for someone else.

Then these two blonde girls literally came out of nowhere and got in front of me. One of them was a bit tall, probably 5'7, and she had on jeans and a had a nice petite ass. It wasn't super big, but it was wide enough and very soft - the feeling was amazing. When the circle happened again she was literally pushed ONTO me. She seemed really drunk or high on whatever drugs she was on (there was people openly sniffing cocaine and drug dealers there) so I took liberty and kinda held her hips to balance her. When the next circle happened, I had my hands around her waist to balance her and my dick shoved up her ass. It felt amazing, if these lasted longer I would've came. When people began to jump up, she would also jump up and down, and I just stood there letting her jump and move her ass up and down my dick. I began getting a bit more aggressive with this one, I liked to flex my dick on her ass, made sure she felt it. She seemed really oblivious to what I was doing and was just dancing with her other blonde friend.

When the circle was over, I stuck to her. I knew she was game, and I wanted to cum. The problem was, once the circle was over, there really wasn't that much of an excuse to be plastered onto someone. I wish this rave had more people, it would've been perfect! I tried groping her again but she left with her friend about 5 minutes later.

After that nothing happened for a while, until the DJ began playing popular rap songs again and more people came back to dance. This is when things got interesting again. There was this group of girls, around 5 of them, and they were drunk/high off their asses. They were like a little circle and kept bumping into people. One of them was REALLY drunk/high, and when the time was right I hopped right behind her and she just began grinding on me.

I would've stayed on her for the whole night, but she was wearing jeans, had her jacket wrapped around her waist, and her ass wasn't that big. Despite this, she was grinding on me real good and the feeling was still alright, but not good enough to bust my nut to. I stayed glued behind her while also looking for another target.

This girl I was on was going a bit too wild and I got pushed next to this girl. She was a brunette in bright blue jeans and was kind of tall, probably around 5'8. I remember going behind her and feeling her ass. Despite the fact she was in jeans, her ass felt NICE. It was like a medium size ass, not super fat, but not small either, just perfect. She was with a group of guys but they made the mistake of leaving her outside their little circle, and her ass was totally mine. I adjusted my dick and put it in a 12'o clock position, and then I just let her dance. She was dancing, swaying her ass with my dick on it, and it felt SO good. I was certain I was going to cum on this one.

I was hard and I am pretty sure she felt everything but kept on dancing. I liked this better than my previous targets of the night because we didn't have to jump up and down, we were just standing and dancing normally, which means I was able to enjoy the hump more. I was enjoying this so much that I began to precum, I felt a small oozes come out. This was when I decided to try get my dick out. I tried getting my dick out, but then someone moved, and my cover was kind of open to people, and I got super paranoid. I put my dick back but by now that stupid move made my lose my erection and focus. I quickly began humping the girl again but her friends must've left because she moved a bit to follow them. I didn't want to let this one go so I followed her and plastered myself onto her again for 5 minutes, she was shaking her ass and I was just letting her ass guide my dick. Then she looked around, probably for her friends, and left. I was pretty upset I didn't get to finish on her, and at this point I just wanted to cum, so I began scanning the area.

There was another pair of blonde girls. These girls were the real deal. They were pretty, thicc (not fake fat thicc, real thicc!), and had the perfect attire. One of them was wearing these tight black trousers, they weren't jeans, I think it was some type of leather. Either way the material felt fantastic. The other one was wearing a tight black skirt. I began dancing behind the one in the black trousers, and it felt so good. She had that typical bubble butt in leather jeans type of ass. When I plastered myself onto her, I could just feel the roundness and softness of her ass. She was dancing real close with her friend, and they eventually swapped places, and I dug my boner into the one in the skirt. Her skirt was soft and she had a nice ass, although it wasn't as big as her friends. I kept this going, just digging my boner into their asses.

All of a sudden another girl came, a brunette, and it was clear she was friends with them because they did that little girl scream and began hugging each other. This brunette was shorter than them both, but she also had a nice ass and she was wearing silk pants, so the feeling was MUCH better. I began humping this brunette and she was non the wiser. This went on for 5 minutes, but the brunette left and so I was left with the blondes again. I got behind the blonde in the black jeans and felt I was about to cum. We were near the DJ and it was more crowded here, but not that crowded. I really wanted to take my dick out, but the thing with these crowds is that one minute we're all together and the next minute we're spaced out. I couldn't risk it, I had to cum in my chikan trousers unfortunately.

I began getting a bit more aggressive with the blonde, and she was oblivious. She was dancing and talking to her friend, never looked back at me. I put my hands down my trousers and began masturbating while rubbing my dick on her ass, then when I was cumming I took my hand out and just pressed my dick onto her ass. The feeling was amazing, my dick was pulsating against her ass and she was just dancing. However, something weird happened when I was cumming. I was cumming for like 15 seconds, and then I stopped, and then she began moving her ass more and I began cumming again! It felt so amazing.

I went outside to recharge, but there was so much cum running down my trousers that it was really uncomfortable. These chikan trousers I have are literally pyjama bottoms, they are super thin and really smooth. The cum was making it stick to my right leg. At this time many people were leaving, even the blondes were gone. The crowd wasn't as big as before and it was mainly guys there, so I left.

Even though I had a good night, it would've been much better had there been more people. That Halloween event was so special, I think the only time I will be able to relive an event like that again is by attending a New Years event. I know for certain that THOUSANDS are going to these!

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