Rave success

Just had a very wild night at an illegal rave. These are the places to be right now. And this one was just full of late teens/early 20s. It’d been a while since my last one.

The place is just setup for chikaning. Very small room with hundreds of people pushed together.

The first one I got on was game. Had to be around 18, white girl in this grey jumpsuit, her ass was ridiculous. She was lightly swaying to the music, and I was wearing baggy shorts over leggings with my dick out of the leggings. The contact felt skin to skin everything was so thin. I put my dick on her and she was still swaying, and then she all of a sudden just pushed back hard. My cock slid right in between it was so delicious. Her fat ass just swallowed me.

I’m just standing there with her booty moving left to right. My cock is dragged left and right with every movement. Man. We stayed like this for so long, and then a rap song came on! Now she’s rotating her booty all over the place while she’s slightly bent forward. My cock is just being massaged all over the place. I’m throbbing everything because I can feel her soft booty tightly gripping my cock.

At one point she looks back at me and just looks back forward. I know she kinda said something to a friend because the friend looked at me too but nothing happened. After like an hour and a half I came bucketloads and she never missed a beat.

I had another amazing ride at like a makeshift bar. This black girl was bent over for atleast half an hour. She was wearing thin black pants and I was all over her. Calf’s on my calf’s, thighs on my thighs, everything. She would move her booty up and down my cock, shifting weight left to right. God. And she knew what she was doing as at the end when she finished talking to the woman serving she said loudly “ugh, I could stay here all night”. I was laughing in my head.

I am definitely attending the next one of this. The intimate raves are better than the massive ones that are in a massive building.

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