Re: Jeans

Once back when I was in college, there was a huge “dance” given at a very big venue during the holiday season. You paid to get in and it was advertised on local radio so it attracted a few thousand young folk. Me and my buddy knew it would be great so we made sure we were able to attend. I was really getting into chikan back then so I wore the appropriate thin material, no underwear. The hot new dance at that time was “the dog”, and guys would “sandwich” a fine, willing target and grind for 2-3 songs, with the girl switching positions so each guy did her “doggie-style”. One girl I danced with that night had an outstanding ass, but she was in jeans. Her ass was so scrumptious that I told myself to “screw the jeans’ and just have fun. I don’t believe in all my years that I’ve ever had a hard-on that stiff, for that long, without cumming! I tried to hurt her ass with my Dick! But when I was done I went home. When I removed my thin pants I was shocked! I had scrubbed the skin off my own penis from all the friction I’d generated by dancing with that one girl! It has to be because of those jeans and the fact that I was trying to bury my Dick in her ass with so much pressure! I’ll never forget how good it felt doing it though.

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