Booty everywhere

There is 3 women on different dates coming over to help clean out our house and it is so funny because of the variety of the type of women they are. One is a black girl with a wide hips and a fat ass but is aggressive, one is the thick middle aged redbone that cheats on her husband who I talked about, and one is a maid and all I know about her appearance is that she is a Latina. I just hope she isn’t too short.
Our basement is compact and we are going to be sorting shit out like boxes which is the perfect opportunity to get in some ass. The aggressive girl is the most challenging one because she always bossing people around but I just need stealth and courage. I heard Spanish-speaking maids are the easiest because they can barely speak English so they wont even care or try to care.

All I am trying to do is grind up on some ass no hand play.

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