The best technique if there’s no crowd

The best technique that will probably never get you caught is when a girl is reaching or looking for something that is in a box or a cabinet and you get behind her to help her find what she is looking for but you are really just sinking your dick deep in her ass and she wont even bulge and if the space is tight around you, thats a bonus

A scenario is a girl looking for something in the fridge. This is golden because 1 Shes focused on the food and probably nothing else. 2. She will most likely be bending over which will seem like it’s her fault 3. You can act like you are trying to grab something in the fridge and go deep as you want

* if she is the masculine stuck-up type of person, all you have to do is say excuse me while you are doing it so you can show mannerism

The only way you will get caught is if someone else is watching you or if she is a feminist but those chance are at max 30 percent
This is only obvious if you have no excuse or you do it too many times

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