@ chiking

I agree with you most women are game if they never been violated and when i say violated i mean guys being way to aggressive or taking there dick out and Cummin on chicks i been saying for a long time does are the ones messing the game up because some of those chicks turn bitter and start raising flags and protesting but thats a different convo....the ones that never been violated it all comes down to if they find you attractive your only a creep or perv if they find you physically unattractive thats why i say stay in shape guys even if your face is not all that keep your body fit have some kind of muscle and you'll find players it makes the game so much more fun with a player..

iv had a few chicks ride me and even follow me on trains i even bagged a chick after she grinded on me shorty was in back of me dipped under my arm while i was holding on to the pole saying excuse me and backed straight into me while dancing to the music on her phone i started laughing to myself

saw her again maybe 3 days later this time i was the aggressor i looked her straight in the face let her get on first on a packed train and went to work on her lol couple days later we start a convo while waiting for the train..and shes not the first..morale of the story stay in shape guys or get in shape no matter how old it makes a hell of a difference i meet the girl i have now on the damn train she came up to me asking for my number no humping involved lol

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