Re: Red Dragon/Hot girls

Your point about hot girls being easy to flash is on-point! I have a sister-in-law that has always been considered “hot”, and I’m well aware of her sexual history. She out-fucked most of the girls I knew throughout her early years until well into her 40’s. She told me once (no, I never had anything going on with her, in case you’re wondering) about a guy that called her over to his car for directions at the convenience store across from where her and my future with lived, and when she got close enough he had his fully erect penis there for her viewing, stroking it. She didn’t get flustered, she said, and just answered his question while gazing at it! With her experience with dicks it didn’t surprise me one bit. So IMO the hotter girls have so much experience with ducks that they either don’t let it bother them or it actually bores them, unless it’s a guy that they wouldn’t mind getting with. Some may even be tired of penises! Oh, and to add to what I said about fat girls: a lot of those “fat” ones are pretty girls that were more than likely hot at one time or another. So they used to get Dick and liked/loved it, but now it doesn’t comes so often, so they lose self esteem and allow certain things to occur without protesting. Just my thought.

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