There’s something I haven’t told you

I know it sounds risky but there’s things about this woman that you don’t know that changes the whole game. This girl has cheated on her husband before. who knows how many times... and it’s clear she doesn’t like him and I know she’s not happy sexually.

The other thing that changes this is how “touchy feely” she is. She would give me random massages and one time she slap my ass as a joke. She also gives me sexual looks but I’m 80% sure it’s sexual. Even though she is a middle aged woman she dress like a teen and wears those sexy tights and ripped jeans. She’s calm and laid back which is also a bonus.

I have 4 techniques in mind for getting up in that ass.
1. When she is reaching/grabbing for something, I get behind her and act like I’m trying to do the same thing.
2. Hump her when I’m trying to get pass her and say “excuse me”
3. Massage her shoulders and push my dick in her ass (she would be focused on the massage and not the humping)
4. Get behind her while she’s walking and when she suddenly stops, I shove my dick in her ass (she will think it’s her fault)

Which one of these do you think would work the best? What would you do differently? She is a slut!!!

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