Re: Red Dragon

I thought about what you said, and I’m not sure I can agree 100%, and I’ll tell you why. Of course this is just my experience, but I think it has some legitimacy. First, I have a friend that is married to a very beautiful girl. Not far or shaped odd or anything. In fact, she’s very athletic. Used to play volleyball in college and kept herself together. But what is odd is my friend will screw around on her because of the girls he favors for quick and easy fucks: fat women. It’s unbelievable what they will do to get Dick. I’ve watched him in action to the point of putting it into action when I’m out chikanning. I try to pick the best when I do my nasty. But when I’m having a tough time and need to get something done before the end of the night, I’ve always dropped my standards and turned to “thicker” targets. They are extremely easy for me. I assumed that they just don’t feel it like thinner girls. That’s just me. I also think they (fat or extra healthy girls get overlooked more often so they will give in easier. Not saying they don’t feel us, but I’m saying they crave attention too. My buddy has done some awful (I wouldn’t do what he’s done because it’s outright disrespectful IMO) things to fat girls. Not ugly fat girls, but “pretty” fat girls. It makes a difference. But I couldn’t do what he’s done.

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