Rhino 69 Extreme 50K/50,000 || VENICE BEACH

Whats good fellow west coast brotha and representative OG Guestz.
We talked before on here under this alias and one of my original ones.
Yes those Rhino 69 Extreme 50K is the TRUTH.

Though when you take them back to back frequently its not as good
as when you haven't popped one in a long time and your fresh back on.
When it's fresh out of the blue after a long ass time BOY do they kick in with a horny that's like the motion of a FULL SPEED locomotive train bro.
You're ROCK SOLID and EVEN AFTER you BUST it WILL STILL STAY ROCK HARD unless you take your focus of sex making your brain shut the effects down.
And one of the best things it WORKS for 7-8 days, I still feel the effects sometimes on the 8th day though not as strong as the 1st 3 days you pop one.

To me it works better than viagra due to the fact you can turn your horny off mentally if you focus or lose focus rather and it lasts for a week instead of a day with as far as I can see less risks since I hear viagra will make you stay hard no matter what which can send you to the hospital.

And man Venice Beach, Venice Beach... I would've loved to have been old enough during your days to go out by myself and have all that Chikan Ass back in the day, I know it was FUN as FUCK during the days Venice would get packed like that especially with all those European naive foreigners who tend to be freaks in their own right opposed to white Americans in general.

I went to Venice a few years ago to see the once spoken about chikan potential as you mentioned it a few years back in the Forum Guestz.
It wasn't that packed as I would've liked as of the 2000teens going into 2020s and it gave me an aura when I did see small crowds that people were very conscious and may start something if the deed gets put on blast.

Needless to say I didn't fuck with it, but I know it was WAAAAAAY better anyway back decades ago. When Venice was the rave and beaches weren't seen or ever been to much by people other then the ones who lived near and had access to them.
But now a days every body and their grandmamas have been to a beach in Cali or Miami Florida and even states like Jersey.

By the way Miami Beach is the only beach that I know where chikan can happen EASILY during mainly sprįng breąk and memorial weekend times, whether you bumping into a big nice phat booty in a crowded line that suddenly stopped on Ofean drives narrow strip of a sidewalk or in the crowds on the actual beach-beach during the day.
Girls will actually dance with because people bring speakers and so girls who are drunk and high get to throwing them ass cheeks all over dudes.
And when it gets dark and the girls don't leave, even the average dude turns into a Chikan and gets his freak on. LMMFAO!!!!!
I pulled it out and frotted a lot of times when that interval arrives with no attest ever unless the girl moved or their friends decided to leave.
Its shoulder to shoulder packed by the way JUST the way I like it, which is the perfect way and damn near only way.

Anyway back to Cali, I remember you and another west coast Chikan OG mentioned the Hollyweird star walk of fame ceremonies which SOUND PERFECT if its the right star getting a star.

I was SO PISSED when I missed Snoop Dog getting his star a year or 2 ago.

I KNOW the sidewalk was packed to the brim, shoulder to shoulder with phat booty neat huddled together to see snoops acceptance and I missed one hell of a opportunity. Oh well. Now knowing of these secret raves aka warehouse raves and the potential of concerts as I went to my 1st concert ever last year I know I can get my rocks of GURANTEED NOW.
Just like I've done on the bus several times in L.A., train in NY and atleast one lucky ass time in Miamis bus system (Miami chikan is ONLY GOOD on south beach and Ultra Fest ((HUUUGE EDM TECHNO FESTIVAL))) and at certain clubs and strip clubs if its a holiday or spring break season where the clubs get PACKED with vacationers and European foreigners.

I want to test my luck in the next few weeks when I travel at stores since I had a little luck years ago with no protest at a specific store where it gets packed, the women are low income class to lower middle income and they dress raunchy as fuck, black and latina (dr, pr, Colombian, Cuban, etc.)

Can't wait for more stories from bros in the future once opportunity for action kicks in and shows its exhilarating face. 🤣👌

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