My last story

I don’t know what happened to my last post, but I went through a lot of trouble to post it but now I don’t see it. Well anyway, it was regarding a time I got outed about groping the isht out of 2 members of my senior class AT THE SAME TIME! I’m not going to try to rewrite it, but a week or so after I thought I’d gotten away with it, a close friend quietly told me he’d heard about me “loving up” on so-and-so. I was floored, but I just played it off like I knew nothing of what he was talking about. But apparently a lot of people in my senior class were talking about it, because no way should this guy have known about it because he was not a senior! I guess I played it right though, because I never heard it mentioned again. And one of the girls actually gave me more chances to hump and grope her well afterwards.

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