If You Go To Any Concerts During Covid Always Ask Promoter This VIA Email Before You Purchase Tickets

I made a mistake and fucked off money on a concert that would normally draw a lot of bitches, but since she's not that popular enough to do outrageous numbers I and the combination of Covid has turned this into a event with MOTHER FUCKING SEATS.


I'm so pissed but I'll take that across the chin since I'm far from broke but I could've spent that $35 and got some action several times around LMAO.

I'm definitely getting some action later this month, fucking and frotting because I'm about to hit the road and see one of my girlfriends in a different state and in her state the clubs are open. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

And I'll be making some smooth easy bucks out there so it's a win win win.

But I'm still pissed about this dude.

Ask the promoters via email and at the doors if possible if the events are standing or sitting rooms, if this wasn't Covid during this time this wouldn't have been nothing but a success.

But hey you live and you learn. To not make the same mistakes. Duh

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