After doing the math, I probably have successfully groped (cum) with about 600-700 women. I’ve came in my pants in under a minute with about 30-40% of them. The reason I sometimes cum so fast is if I don’t fap for a week (which I do on purpose to get that extra good feeling when you orgasm). Tbh even regardless of that, I don’t take more than 10 minutes on any good grope session. My dick is really sensitive I guess lol.

And about that Hispanic lady. I was searching for about 2 hours before I encountered her. I was poking a lot of asses at this undisclosed location where it’s extremely easy to grope. I wish I can share the location but I’ve been going there for 4 years now. Definitely don’t want any of y’all ruining my fun. Too scared of cops ruining it lol.

Anyway, This Hispanic lady was maybe 5’1, 30 ish years old, cute, nice wide ass. Not so round but it was really wide. Her, her husband and daughter were bent over a barrier busy watching a performance. I got behind her and slowly got closer to her. Once I made contact, I got really hard. Then out of nowhere something happened during the performance which caused everyone around us to see what the commotion was about. I used the next 2 minutes to literally hump her as hard as I can.

The barrier that was in front of us wasn’t one of the ones you see at a regular concert. It was mounted to the ground. You literally can’t move it. So you can imagine how hard I was pushing. I was literally watching her body and head move up and down. I was fucking her pretty much lol.

A lot of people were pushing and shoving to see what was going on so I guess she didn’t notice anything. When I finally started cumming I remember my body twitching like crazy and my facial expressions were crazy. While I was finishing the last few drops she turned around and said que te pasa?!

I got out of there right after she said that. Funny because she definitely saw my face as I was cumming. I didn’t even look back to see if the husband was watching or not lol

Dude I have so many stories it’s not even funny.


This is the parade I was talking about. It doesn’t look that crowded in the video but man every year I went it was always crowded.

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