Bar tips

The best advice for groping in a bar is to grope at the line for drinks. Whenever I am at a club or bar there is always a line for drinks. The best thing about this is that most of the time the girls are drunk or not really focusing on people behind them, so you usually get away with humping them.

One time I remember I was behind this girl with a nice ass, she was small and when it was her turn to talk to the bartender she literally lifted herself up on the bar table and bent over, her body was hovering in the air, bending forward while she was talking to the bartender, and her ass was poking out and my dick was just resting on it. I swear it felt SO good. However, I got a bit carried away when she did this and when she got back down she looked back at me and gave me a little kick lmao.

So my final advice is to chikan when people get drinks at the bar. The bar is usually packed at the beginning of the night (around midnight), but then it gets dead later on (around 2am) because people are already drunk. Make sure to get in the busy, thick lines. When you're at the front act like you're impatient or trying to look at the drinks and prices while you get closer to your target - works most of the time.

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