Re: Caught By Somebody You Know

Yes. I’m pretty sure I developed a quiet reputation in fact because of a couple of my gropes. I started in Highschool and my pool for entry was small causing me to be both risky and roped in. I’ll have to split it up since it happened way more than it should have and I don’t want to write a book.

1. Young Brunette Beaut
She had a very potato like face but goddamn was her body was class A. Fit Pawg with a dump truck bubble butt and daddy’s girl demeanor. She was my junior and seemed shy around me, but at a choir party I got an excellent taste for what to expect when feeling her up. Because we decided to play ground wrestle or something. Dumb kid shit but since the decision was made I decided to play dominate and hump ass. So for the game you sit down and some random person sits in front of you between your legs. Basically they will try to escape and your job is to keep them there by any means or theyll go to someone else. She was wearing Jean shorts and I had on a thin layer I can’t remember the material but nothing heavy since it was a warm autumn day. She escaped from some guy friend then came to me ass first. Every single round I would hold her like there was no tomorrow under the guise of a game and plaster her on top of me or on the ground. I was digging into her little innocent bubble ass and she’s giggling and the rest of the party pays no mind to my dominance over this white broad. Eventually she got away but not before I had her sitting on my lap gasping and commenting on how difficult I was to escape from. It wasn’t hard to find strength when I got to hump her ass publicly with no objection and a cover story haha. This was our first meeting.

My best with her and when she noticed my frottophilia was while we were watching a choir performance. I had on dress pants and she had on leggings and I was praying her beta orbiters would move so I could step behind her and take advantage of the dim environment. Luckily for me the beta male friends were blocking her view so she stepped in front of me mmmmmm. They followed her and surrounded us which gave me cover and I made contact with her hip. She said hi to me and started talking about the performance but I remained focus on getting in her crack and making myself at home in there. Her swaying to the music got me right into her crack and then she stopped moving and talking to me. Her beta friends started talking to her and I was humping lightly on her firm and round ass. I put my shaky palm on her ass lightly and she tried to leave but one of her friends got excited and hugged her awkwardly because of the performance causing her to lose balance and push into my boner and palm. Ahhh that was the dream. The fact that he was hugging her while I had my dick surrounded by her cheeks almost made me burst. She left soon after that and when I tried to feel her up again she gave me a look that was alarmed and pushed through the crowd. She didn’t talk to me that night even when we were groups talking around friends. She made a point to avoid and look at me but not talk to me. No one else noticed. In only like 8 or 10 minutes she knew what I was about and how I liked to take advantage. Surprisingly she befriended me after. Nowadays I know women can be sluts too so Im not surprised she wasn’t so innocent after all.

Sadly our friendship caused me to be more covert and largely stop feeling her up but my luck turned around when we were assigned as dancing partners in choir. Some of the moves required her to stand in front of me in close proximity which her ass poked due to its sheer size so it gave me great leeway to press into her on occasion. She was a slim thick young page I swear. She would wear leggings with no undies allowing that ass to jiggle and I swear I heard it clap a couple of times and I would wear shorts. there was this one segment where she would spin into my arms and almost everytime I would make her press that ass into me. When I started getting an erection she wisened up and stop spinning as much as I needed her to in order to crash into her right cheek or if super lucky her crack. By this point I had become one of her beta orbiters due to my fear of making an approach despite a couple of signs she liked me or atleast my downlow sexuality towards her. She remained pretty flirty and despite her resistance to my gropes we stayed very chill and there were a couple of moments she basically presented herself for me to grope her. I even saw another guy feel up her ass in a dim room while I was struggling to mount this pampered blonde and she seemed to be giving him a whole lot despite her very innocent and unsexy reputation. I felt proud and frustrated knowing I trained her well for gropes. She will make some dude very happy one day. I hope you guys run into her ASS now and get a wholehearted a player rather than the fickle shit I had to deal with in order to get a feel.

The lesson is if she makes you her friend after a grope start pushing to fuck or make her your grope buddy. The friendship isnt really friendship especially after she sees you as a groper. I wish I learned that but there are more girls this happened with and I learned my lesson somewhat.

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