Chikan Expert: Caught by Someone You Know

I have never been caught by someone I know. I have, though, done many girls that I know, most of the time successfully, and by that I mean that they let me ride them until I came. Sometimes I met the willing humpees after the event, and we had normal conversations, but this is different to being found out by an acquaintance. I just want to comment on the encounter you related with the woman who asked you, que te pasa? en alta voz.

There are some women who react badly at the worst possible time, that is, when you are coming, or when you are just about to come and cannot hold it back, thus causing you to experience the dreaded ghost nutt. If I did not know better, I would say that they had some sixth sense that let them know when to move or protest at precisely the wrong moment. I have said before that there should be a special place in hell reserved for such women. The last time a girl moved away from me just when I was about to come, I was fortunately able to restrain myself; I experienced muscular contractions but I did not ejaculate. If she had moved a second later, my whole adventure would have been ruined.

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