Ever got caught before by someone you know?

What would you do if you got caught in the middle of chikaning by a family member or someone close to you, someone you know?

I’ve been caught 2x. First one was at a Colombian parade 2014. I went every year from 2009-2014. 2014 was the last time I went. I was just walking around palming all types of hot Colombian asses throughout the parade. Sooo many fat asses it’s incredible. It’s rare to see a Colombian girl at these parades that don’t have nice round asses.

So at one point of the parade, this fight broke out. I don’t even knew who was fighting who, all I saw was 5 or 6 girls trying to break up the fight. 2 of them out of the 5 or 6 had very thick asses. I had to step in to “stop the fight”. I stepped in and pretended I was trying to stop the fight but literally I just stood right behind one of them like a creep and just sunk my dick between her ass cheeks for about a minute straight. She was just yelling at the people to stop fighting. Had no idea I was behind her. Eventually the fight ended and I had to walk away but man that minute felt like heaven.

That was the highlight of the chikan adventure for that day. After that I was groping here and there. About 2 weeks later, I’m with a group of friends . One of them who I’m not really close to asked me “bro were you at the Colombian parade 2 weeks ago?” I said yea there were so many hot girls man. He said “oh because my sister was there and she said that she saw you...” and my other friends said chill chill chill . Fellas my heart was beating so fast . I was like fuuuuck what did his sister see? And btw his sister at the time was 15 and had a huge ass. Wish I saw her I would have violated.

Anyway after that I just immediately changed the subject. The topic never got brought up again.

2 years later I got arrested for groping and my friends all know about that. I never really spoke about it to them. I just simply said I was really drunk and high at the time lol. Never spoke about it again.

A year ago. I think I got caught again by another friend. I was groping at this undisclosed location. He calls me after I just finished busting a nut. It was one of my weirdest encounters. I was humping this 30 year old Hispanic lady’s ass so hard. Literally showed no mercy. She didn’t look back at me once so I took advantage. She was with her husband and daughter too. After about a minute of violently humping I start to spurt cum so hard in my thin track pants. As I’m cumming she looks back at me and said “que te pasa?!” Translation: what’s the matter with you?!

I was so confused because I have no idea how she didn’t feel my hard dick humping her. Literally I was looking down while I was humping her and imm seeing her body getting pushed forward against the barrier. When she yelled at me I had the ultimate “OMG I’m cumming” face on. She looked so pissed. I ran away because obviously her husband heard her and I managed to get away safely.

About a minute later I get a call from one of my friends. And he asks me “sup bro” with a snarky tone. I said yes what’s up bro? He says “nothing just here chillin at (undisclosed location)” and kinda chuckled. I said oh yea? I’m close by but I’m about to head to work right now. He just said ohh nvm I was gonna ask if you wanted to chill for a bit. We talk for a bit longer. Phone call ended not long after.

How would you guys react in the first situation ? I’m more curious about how you guys would react to that one.

And how would you guys handle the second one?

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