Do You guys remember the very first time you jumped an ass in public?

I was thinking about this girl I jumped way back in the 8th grade. It was the very first time I humped a girl this blatantly, in public. It still ranks as one of my best experiences because it was totally spontaneous and totally with compliance.
Our class was visiting another school that was recruiting students for their high school program (private Christian school). It was at the end of an all-day tour of the school that was located 40 miles outside of Los Angeles. Our 8th grade class was small- maybe 30 “kids”. I say kids, but these girls were developed like grown women. The object of my”affection” had measurements as follows: 36-24-36! I remember because the boys made a big deal about how she’d out-measured the girl everyone assumed had the best body.
Anyway, we were at the end of the tour and were gathering a bunch of free souvenirs that were designed to get our attention as recruits to attend the school. Everyone was crowded around a small table for various freebies. Naturally as kids we were all unruly trying to get what we could. I in particular was unruly also, but it had more to do with this girls ass! I was behind her as she was trying to reached something and I leaned over her to get the same thing and made heavenly contact with her soft ass. My tool at that time didn’t need much of any kind of stimulation to get rock-solid, which happened on that first contact. I just left it there and enjoyed it. I did it again. She didn’t protest or even acknowledge what I was doing. I know she knew what I was doing because the guys played a game back then doing this type of stuff back at school. It this was different because we were on foreign territory. This went on for 15-20 minutes. She would lean over, pretending to reach for whatever it was, but always miss getting it. I would also lean over, smash my tool into her ass, but never actually get anything but a deep grind into her behind. I did it over and over, and so did she.
I remember that on the bus back to our school, her closest friend relayed a message to me by another classmate. She said that the target of mines wanted me to know that she “likes” me. I didn’t want to acknowledge it (with all that I did to her, I was extremely shy at that age). I was not interested in a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.
She chased after me until we’ll after high school after that lust-filled day. It was a lesson to me how this game we played can be a turn-on for our targets if the chemistry is right. In hindsight I wish I had pursued her as aggressively as she did me because she turned out to be a really good person that I think would have been a great fit. She did make a mistake and doom our chances, but that’s another story. Doesn’t change the fact that I still get hard-ons when I think about how good she felt! And just so you know, it wasn’t the only encounter we had. That day was the first of many, many “sessions”. It became understood that it was our “thing” that we enjoyed! It is odd, but that’s how I liked it and somehow she picked up on it, I believe because she held out hope that eventually we’d be a couple.

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