Holiday Cheer!

I hope all who celebrate it had a good Thanksgiving! And now it’s Black Friday with all of the holiday shopping. Unfortunately, it won’t be like the Black Fridays we’re used to with the shopping aisles packed with booty. More of the Black Friday shopping is going to take place online this year. Which makes me wonder what that means for Cyber Monday? Anyway, the good news is that I’m already hearing about concerts being scheduled for next year! I heard on the radio about a big outdoor one scheduled for next summer. So we chikans may as well just relax and be safe and enjoy the rest of the festive holiday season, and keep our spirits high with expectations of a return to normal next year. Especially with vaccines becoming available in the coming months. Perseverance! Time to do some more research on this concert, including when and where tickets will become available. I want general admission, standing room only!

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