Guest Stop It

We all know you're from that city stop posting bitches on Figuerhoa and keep the forum strictly chikan bruh. Lmao the bitches on Fig dont even look like shit anymore we all know that come on dude tighten up.

And as for Chikan at airport oh how that mustve been fun decades ago before cameras. I been to the airport guestz talked about and its not like that anymore .

1) not as packed even if it wasn't covid.
2) too many cameras because its the new age unlike the 90s and early 2000s.
3) and its always fucking tons of police at every airport you go to with active watchers on surveillance so going to the airport unless there's areas where you know it gets unsuspiciously looking congested with glued together like people or got elevators with people packed or got escalators where it only fits 1 person at a time, chikan activity will be impossible.

Speaking of escalators I've seen on xhamster 2 chikans 1 vegas the other new york utilize the single person escalators in their cities and get raw touches on broads successfully especially the one in NYC.
He even licks and kissed the girls asses sometimes as funny and impossible as it sounds. LMMFAO

It brings me back to a elevator I use to use when I was on the West Coast when I was younger and use to wait til my target got off the train and push pass the mexxicans and glue myself to the target going up the escalator. I use to be there for half a hour getting quick rides.
I'm skeptical now if it's even safe anymore but it was fun all the way to the bus that passed by there that would get PACKED during rush hour.

So at the right time it would be a 2 for 1 at that stop.

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