Re: Allrounder/Perseverance

What you say is so very true. I’ve been out on the hunt at some of my favorite spots and endured hours of rejection. I would actually leave, headed home in defeat, then tell myself ‘give it one more try’. What’s really disheartening is to watch a crowd go from very large and fertile all the way down to barely enough cover. Although it’s happened numerous times before, there was one time that I rebounded to an unbelievable experience.
I’d been working a crowd in the inbound international flight area of a busy airport. The crowds would grow then dissipate. I was struggling to get any really long action that would help me achieve my Nutt. It was getting late on a Saturday night and I knew it was either now or never. At that moment an Indian family appeared. There were two girls (late teens) in the group. My hopes were that they’d stand against the barrier all the way to the left. That way, the grownups in the group would be occupied looking to their right, which would help me in my endeavor. At first the father was hovering around the girls. But as soon as passengers started walking up from customs he got excited and abandoned them, leaving the “sheep” alone with the wolf! The oldest one was tall, and had on shorts up to the bottom of her cheeks. When he left them he had no idea how quickly i would be on them! I started with the younger one, who didn’t quite understand what was happening. She was shorter, so the older, taller one switched spots on the railing with her so she could see better. That was my cue to go for it. Those shorts allowed me to hump her upper thigh. I had on shorts with no underwear and had to keep adjusting them so my tool wouldn’t jump out and be exposed! In under 2 minutes (since I had been struggling to climax all day) I busted a huge, nasty nutt against her. I actually had her thigh pinned against the barrier). Some of the cum hit the floor, and I looked down and saw it as I was still squirting. I could actually smell it, which made me even more excited. She may have felt something going on, but she dared not turn around. I finished and immediately left the premises, happy that I’d kept trying. Never give up as long as there are targets around!

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