Another Mother in the Presence of Her Daughter

The girl hunt was difficult yesterday. I endured many rejections, but my determination finally saw me through to success.

Seven women told me no before I found a willing partner. It would be tedious to write about all seven female refuseniks. The ones that stand out in my memory include a pair of schoolgirls. They were sitting next to each other on the bus and were clearly friends. I tried to hump the shoulder of one of them, but after a while she switched places with her companion, who also declined my offer. I also recall trying to hump the naked left shoulder of a brown-skinned young woman who was sitting one seat in front of her mother. The mother kept looking at me as though she knew what I was up to, so maybe the attempt was doomed from the start, because even if the girl had told me yes, her mother would probably have intervened. Anyway, doing a daughter in front of her mother is asking for trouble, so as soon as the girl showed unwillingness, I got off the bus.

Having so many women turn me down was dispiriting but one positive event came when I saw again the dream schoolgirl I wrote about last month who let me climax against her back. This time she was waiting for a certain bus at the station with two schoolmates. I got a good, long look at her face. That was important because it fixed her appearance in my memory and that will help me to recognize and identify her if I ever see her on social media

I finally found success yesterday with a milf who was tall, dark, and very well-built. Her hair was short, black and not straightened. She was about 30 years old. The object of my desire was traveling with her daughter who was about 10 and dressed in a school uniform. I had waited with them at the bus stop. For some reason, I find that I rarely fail when I make an attempt on a woman I've been waiting with at the bus stop.

At first, I got the impression from her body language that she was hesitant about letting me have my way with her, but after a short while it seemed as though she decided to yield to me. At one point she looked up at me briefly. Maybe that glance reassured her. Certainly, she never flinched when I repeatedly pressed myself firmly into her right side, nor did she show any sign of displeasure when the motions of the bus threw me hard against her. My performance was excellent. I gained a good erection quickly and kept it throughout the encounter. While I was ejaculating, someone behind me wanted me to move so that he could get off. I was not going to have a ghost nutt, so I held up my right index finger as a sign that he should wait. I let him pass after I was done cumming. The object of my lust got off the bus after a journey of about 15 minutes. I disembarked five minutes later and then made my way back home.

So the moral of the story is that finding a willing partner is not always easy, sometimes you will face many rejections, but if you persevere and maintain hope, you are likely to be rewarded with success.

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