Had to do it!

This time of year, the markets I frequent are packed with delicious targets to “accidentally” bump into. Well this past weekend was no exception. I could barely pay attention to my shopping list without shopping the bootys! I was about to checkout, but the women in front of me had an awesome ass that drove me insane, it was shaped so good. She had on loose-fitting sweats, but the material was wedged deep in her crack. I got a hard on just watching her unload her cart. So I got out of line and went back inside the crowded market to find somebody I could rub my pecker against! Didn’t take but a minute to find some ass in tight Lycra, and I walked up behind her and reached over her, planting my tool against her right cheek. She didn’t even notice I was way out-of-line being that close to her. I followed her around and did it a few more times- it was Heaven. If I’d had more time I think I would have exploded right there in the store!

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