First video

Uploaded my first video on Xhamster. The video took place back in Nune when I had my first post COVID nut. It was around the time I found this site. Glad I did because i always thought my chikan behavior was abnormal. I was happy when I found out there was a community of us that LOVE to do this. I consider it a fetish.

Anyway it’s a short video for a reason. Like I said many times I cum waaay too quick. Once I hopped on the bus I saw this chubby lady with a nice ass. She was maybe in her early 50’s. She had that “I’m not aware of my surroundings “ Kinda look. It’s a chikan radar we develop I guess lmao. I just knew this lady wasn’t gonna do anything. So I got behind her and went straight to putting my dick between her ass cheeks. After maybe a minute of humping her with my dick in between her cheeks, I decided to pull out my phone and record the last 10 seconds lol. She tried to move away because her granddaughter (seemed to be her granddaughter) was sitting down a few feet away.

I knew I had to act quick so instead of digging in between her cheeks, I pressed hard on her left cheek until I blasted. I came so much it spurt out of my dick really hard. Like a hose lol.

I have another video too. I will post it . I wanna get better at shooting these videos. I know I can make some really good ones once I learn how. Also can anyone please teach me how to upload a picture?? I’ve asked about 3 times now. Nobody wants to answer. It’s probably simple as fuck but I can’t seem to learn .

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