Schoolgirl (WARNING: she may be 18 years old)

On Monday, on the bus, I climaxed against the shoulder of a schoolgirl. All schoolchildren wear uniforms in my country, and I could tell by hers that she was between 16 and 18. 16 is the age of consent here. She was slender, brown-skinned, and tall. I never got to see her face, because she was wearing a mask, as was I, and also for the reason that I did not look at her head before I started to hump her, and lastly on account of the fact that I got off the vehicle very soon after I erupted, so it was a truly anonymous encounter.

The schoolgirl was only the second woman I had to try before I found success. The first was a plump, dark-skinned milf. She was on the same bus as the schoolgirl, so I was a little worried that she might look back, see what I was doing to the student, and cause trouble, but she did not. I find that most women who say no to me behave like that. So long as I respect their right to decline my offer, they do not care what I do after that.

The orgasm with the schoolgirl was very sweet and intense. I was afraid that she was going to move away from me when she felt my member throbbing against her shoulder, but she did not, thankfully.

By the way, I enjoy being able to post in the main section of this forum. I am also glad that I can use my regular handle. We all have to live with the consequences of our actions. I am sorry that went up in smoke.

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