That time I groped another entertainer

I was looking through some photos of George Clinton and his band when I remembered something that I’d totally forgot: I was at a PFunk show years ago that was in a small venue. I can’t remember who the opening band was, but I remember one of Pfunks female singers walked through the crowd. Girl had on a short-ass outfit with bare legs. She was by herself, headed to either the bar or the bathroom. She was coming through a packed house, but most of the crowd was white, younger college-aged folk. I don’t think they even noticed her. But my devious ass did! I took a deep breath and took a chance: groped those shiny-ass, soft, sexy thighs as she went by! Sometimes it’s just the thrill of getting away with it for me! This is not her, but she’s part of that leggy group of singers George always has on stage.

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