Hello Big Labowski! I hope you remember me. I was the massage therapist, asking about going to the illegal raves in London with you.
Lets do the NY eve together?
As per your instructions I got a new wardrobe and I'm totally catching the eye now (trust me on this). I don't look younger, but definitely wont embarrass you or do something stupid . In fact if you want we can split and work independently when I get inside.

I was in Sweden 4 days ago and I attended a rave like this in Stockholm. Dude! It was something!

A concrete bunker with 10inches thick metal doors. No phone reception or lights. Super awesome DJs. Trust me dude, I didn't stand out at all. The organizers were super cool and awesome ( I was the first to show up). Some 20yo students , I met in a hostel got me in. They showed up actually late and was waiting for them. No targets among 100 people (I'm a bit picky) , so I left home. 30 mins later police had come and checked everyone's IDs.

So ..yeah...I'm totally addicted now to illegal raves. Its even better, than my young age, when I was 20 and we use to be on amphets.

What happened to Encoxada.me , btw?

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