Re: Booty Bandit Question

To answer your question, I'll share a secret with you: The attacks occurred in 2001, right? Well I've been doing my deeds since the following year all the way up to and including January of this year! I go 3-4 times a year (on business and/or pleasure, haha) and have not had one problem. Before the attacks and before I moved away from that state I did it 3-4 times a week! There's one area in particular that I hangout at. And it's true there's increased security, but it's also an area that a lot of limo drivers, travel agents, family members and friends are encouraged to use to wait for arriving passengers, and because the process of clearing customs is so time consuming the crowds get backed-up. On a busy night when multiple large flights come in you could literally wait for hours for someone to arrive and finally surface. There's only one way you'll get singled out, and that's if you do outrageous things. I'm always aware of cameras and cops, so I behave in a nonchalant way when I'm in that area. Only once was I approached by cops, and that was because of a very stupid, aggressive move I made. But even then they didn't hold me for no more than 15-20 seconds!

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