Young thrills (WARNING: she may be 40 years old)

I’ve had decades of experience at this urge . I started back in elementary when I was seduced by a booty. Standing in line for the water fountain. Just minding my business and the little girl in front of me backed into... and she was bouncing a little.🍆
I’ve been addicted every since. I attended the hiphop classic Fresh Fest where I learned the thrill of anonymous groping. I was first behind an older teenager girl. She was cute and had wide hips and a soft well proportioned ass soft as a pillow.
I began innocently and just got close enough graze and touch her ass, Then as I became more aroused and aggressive. I’m sure she was not a player. She let me ride her ass for a while without complaining. Then I got touchy and she calmly walked away as if nothing happened. I groped a bit more and realized I had lost track of my cousins.
I found them and again found a nearby victim. At the very back of the crowd I mounted a pretty chocolate girl with a shapely ass in tight jeans.
She was surprised and temporarily moved until she realized it was the best view of the stage. I promised to stop grabbing then I let her back in front of me and rode her the rest of the show.
After the show we’re walking out in the crowd and get my ass grabbed and feel okay with my activities.
I especially enjoy the club scene where women are less conservative. They will allow discreet groping and sometimes give an overt ride to get your attention. Pull me to their table, all up on her ass and bend over to write down her number (old school).
Groping in Germany’s red light district was loads of fun. Groping was casual and sex could be next if desired.
My favorite international grope was in Llorett de Mar, Spain. I was in a fruit market “scanning the shelves” looking for opportunity. I stood off but near the fruit stand. I noticed a gorgeous, dark hair voluptuous milf. She’s so fine I think not to try because she would be familiar. Then I am truly SHOCKED by her next move. She steps directly in front of me! I’m close enough to the stand that she is sliding her body against mine and stops dead center. I’m turned on beyond any experience before.
My dick laying on this soft sexy as and the woman is nonchalant about it. I instinctively knew that I could place a hand on her hip without a response. She bending over shopping and I accidentally put my other hand on her hip...then the guy next to me and her look at me.
I’m not sure who he was but I said excuse me and left immediately. Most arousing experience ever with a stranger. Scariest experience of getting into a fight, in another country.

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