Vaccines And When Goodtimes Return

Something occurred to me today while I was out shopping. Things are not shaping up particularly well for the end-of-year holidays. But I'm putting my hopes in the latest announcements of promising vaccines and what that may bring for us Chikans.
Have any of you thought just how crazy a return to normal will be? I have. Let me explain. One of my tried-and-true spots when I visit the West coast is the international arrivals terminal at a major airport. When I say it's a really good, year-round chikan opportunity it's an understatement. On a regular year (minus Covid or terrorism) incoming flights are loaded with passengers seeking to visit the west coast and their relatives. Plus, tourism to sunny, warm weather to that area is always bustling. With the worldwide lockdown on that type of travel getting close to a year now, when a vaccine does make it safer to fly a lot of people are going to finally jump at the chance to see relatives. In some cases sadly they've lost moms, dads, cousins, etc. so they are going to go. If these vaccines work? OMG! It's going to be awesome! I remember "working" international flights late into the night during holidays and seasonal peak periods, and I would bust nutts on so many perfect targets that it was almost unbelievable. There were a few fellow chikans that I would always see doing the same. One little Hispanic guy in particular knew all the peak times and worked those crowds for years! I'm sure he's losing his mind nowadays because there is no action to be had. But if he makes it through this Covid crap he'll be back there too. Same goes for me and Venice Beach. I was there a few months back and couldn't believe how much booty was there! But I couldn't partake of any because family was with me. A toast to vaccines and the not too distant future!

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