Illegal Rave Success: Watching another "Chikan" in action

I wasn't going to post about this particular event, as nothing spectacular happened. I attended another underground rave and had some fun and got in some gropes, however for the first time ever I witnessed another "chikan" in action.

I put apostrophes around chikan because I don't know exactly what his game plan was. He was some black guy with a red jacket, but for the sake of keeping this short I will just call him 'Red' from now on.

Anyways, as I said, it was some black guy in a red jacket and black jeans and he had a backpack on. The fact alone he was black already made him stick out, but he also had on a red jacket and a backpack, which was weird considering we were in an underground rave, not attending school. He also had jeans on, which must've been uncomfortable for him when he was groping.

I don't know if it would be appropriate to call this guy a chikan, because to be honest he was just pretty much being an inexperienced pervert throughout the night. Instead of dancing and fitting in, he would continually just walk around and stand behind girls, then literally grab their hands and lift them in the air, in some sort of attempt to dance with them. I was shocked seeing this; this guy was either very confident or very very stupid. He wasn't ugly, but he wasn't exactly that good looking either, so I don't know why he thought doing that was a good idea.

As expected, most girls responded negative to this. However, I was surprised and lowkey jealous when he got a positive response from a brunette and she began dancing with him. I kept my eye on him and noticed he kept trying to get grabby with her, and eventually she pushed him away and went off with her friends. This guy was just too aggressive and abrasive, however what happened next shocked me but also turned me on.

I was in the middle of the dance floor, behind this girl with her boyfriend. She had her arms wrapped around him and was swaying right to left, and it was crowded enough for me to be standing behind her, letting her ass move my dick left to right as well. As I was enjoying this I looked at the DJ set and next to the set I saw Red again, and this time he was dancing with this blonde milf. This milf was short and her perfect tits, actually I think they must've been implants because she was quite thin and her ass wasn't necessarily that big to match with her tits.

Regardless, she was attractive. Red was behind her, feeling her up, doing his weird technique of holding her arms and waving them in the air while dancing behind her. There was a door next the set where people exited to go out, and I saw the milf leaving Red and standing by the door. It looked like she had enough of Red, but then I see Red coming to her, going behind her, and dancing and groping her. She looked kinda mad but just allowed it, and seeing this turned me on. This guy was crazy, and this milf was a slut! I was curious as to how much this guy would do - clearly he had no fear.

He was dancing behind her and had his arms around her waist and was whispering something to her ear, but judging from her face she wasn't very pleased with whatever he was saying. People were around the door, some leaving and some coming, and Red had his arm around the milf's waist and tried DRAGGING her outside! I was like holy shit, is this guy fucking insane?? The milf was making it very clear she was uncomfortable and I thought someone was going to jump in and fuck him up, but surprisingly no one was acknowledging this, or cared enough to do anything. Wow!

At this point I lost my target as the girl moved somewhere else with her boyfriend, but I didn't care, I was more focused on Red and this milf. The milf began getting vocal and Red did a 'yikes' face, like he had no idea why she was getting mad and that she was crazy or whatever, and left through the door. The funny thing is, he literally came back 10 seconds later as if nothing happened and entered the crowd again trying to dance with other girls. This pissed me off because this made it hard for me; he would literally try this with a majority of the girls, and this made girls more aware of their surroundings and made their guy friends start dancing and protecting them - his stupidity ruined it for me as well!

I decided to try find a target, and after 30 minutes I saw Red again with the milf - both dancing together! I was surprised she was still willing to dance with him after everything that happened. He had his phone out and I saw they were both on Instagram. Around this time the police were outside and people were beginning to leave, and so did I.

This was the first time I ever seen someone so openly grope people. He was very stupid for his actions, and if this happened in an actual club I'm sure he would've got kicked out by security, but he was lucky, and it was quite enjoyable to watch this happen in person.

Also, I probably won't be writing anymore stories until maybe New Years in December. The police are cracking down on underground raves and they always get raided so early, it isn't worth going to them anymore unless for a big event like Halloween or New Years.

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