The problem is Old Man Curious, I am not singling out All rounder. I helped defend his creativity with Black Shogun.

The thing is we are all supposed to contribute something interesting for this board and makes it fun for nominations for man of the month, man of the year and hall of fame.

I guess we all have our differences in writing styles, some write 5 sentences while other writes 5 paragraphs.

You may say what about you? Well, Everything here is mostly closed. No indoor dining, only patio dining. Malls are opened but not crowded like before. We are back to stage 2 in this pandemic as cases keep surging here. It’s been called a red spot or red zone. I think the premier wants to go back to a lockdown. I can’t wait to go on my vacation to the Carribean this winter. My background is Indo-Carribean. All rounder is Afro-Carribean.

Some people have the benefits to hump and write while others don’t. It would be great for those writers to enlighten the rest of us especially in a pandemic time like this.

Let’s just put the issue to rest.

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