All rounder

My position stands in the middle. I do appreciate how Allrounder takes this forum seriously and has excellent grammar in almost all his posts. I give credit where it is due, the one where he said he humped an student and police officer was interesting.

I feel like his reports have gotten shorter in details over the years. That’s why I gave some constructive feedback and said it lacks the excitement.

It’s great to get to the point of the story but I like the build up. Like what happened before and what happened after?

Was there any onlookers around you during the event?

There is no strangeness in all rounder. The strange thing is that our minds have been attached to this board to come on a constant basis. We either lurk or we contribute.

It feels nice when my tool was squished against a girl’s arm. I participated in this activity once and hope to do it again.

Again all rounder, I’m sorry for my feedback. Don’t write me a lecture my man ! Lol

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