Groping a muslim (WARNING: she may be 27 years old)

Guys, this is edited version of one of the stories of this site.
Hey guys been a while since i shared.
Anyways, this happened a few weeks back but still can feel the tingle in my pants whenever i think about it.
I was on my way back from work. It was about 7 in the evening. It had been a while since i had a good feel of an ass so, I was really looking forward to a good time. I left a few buses as the crowd was not that much and there were mostly men. So after about half an hour I saw this bus headed towards me n people were literally hanging out. As the bus pulled up, I could see a few women in the bus amongst the crowd and saw this pretty looking lady having a tough time. Beside her were a few girls as well.
As I saw this I knew I had to get this bus so I managed to jump on.
This bus was really stuffed especially at the gate. Other passengers behind me were pushing me n urging me to find my way in to accommodate them. I knew where i had to go: that pretty lady that I saw a little while back. So turned myself towards that side of the bus and pushed my way through.
I could make out from afar that there was space near that lady so I had to reach there. So i pushed and ploughed my way there and found a place just behind that lady. Along the way I brushed a few asses of the girls beside her but I wanted this one.
Now to the lady - as I was close i really checked her out pretty well. She was not alone, she had her sister or friend along with her standing to her right. From the conversation I assumed that these girls were Muslims. My lady was wearing a cotton salwar kameez white n purple in color, she was about 26-28 yrs old but the thing that stood out was her ass - she had an amazing butt and due to her tight salwar kameez it was more pronounced. She was fair and with a great figure, had ample boobs as well. Her top was sleeveless. So, while she was holding the rod above her head, I could see her shaved pits; also the sweat running down her arms and neck. She had worn a sweet perfume which was really intoxicating.
She turned herself towards her right and was talking to her friend that made her bare shaved sweaty armpit cum right in my face and I was hooked. The crowd was such that my groin was already glued on her right thigh and my face in her armpits. My dick was growing in my pants and the smell of her sweat mixed with her perfume was making my dick harder. I was like totally stuck to her inch for inch. She had so soft thighs that my dick was just plunging in and grazing over it, she didn't seem to mind(?)
Then a guy who was standing beside her to her left was moving out as his stop was arriving. I just jumped into a spot just beside her which was vacated and due to her turned stance her ass was just beside my right hand. Because of the crowd her friend was having trouble. So my lady moved towards me to accommodate her and bang - my hand just sank in to her crack. Well, I had placed my hand down for that chance, so now my hand was right in the fleshy crack of this Muslim lady and she didn't look back. I pushed and applied pressure more but she was too busy chatting away with her friend; that gave me the signal that this was my day.
Well, folks I love to palm and feel a female's ass than dick her. So, very slowly I turned my right palm so that it rests on her sweet fair fleshy ass. So my hand was placed on her ass and due to the bus movement I was pushing my palm on her ass and squeezing it in turns but I was not satisfied. I needed more, so I, very slowly, moved my hand and found my way through the slit in the side of her top and placed my hand back on the sweet ass: like now my palm was on her ass and there was just a layer of her leggings separating my palm and her ass. Guys, I can't tell you how awesome it feels just to know you're almost touching a bare ass as there is only a thin layer of clothing it between your hand n her fleshy ass cheeks... it's amazing - and guys, this lady had such an awesome fleshy and soft ass, I could feel it in my hands, and due to the heat the legging was slightly moist and sticking to her ass. My hand was covered under her top so noone could see what I was upto. So, I just traced my hand all over her ass, from one cheek to the other slowly and feeling each bit of her fleshy ass, I stopped at her crack and placed my finger in it - didn't push or something as I didn't want the fun to end but for a while, as long as it was there, I could feel the heat coming out of her ass, it was great. I went back to feeling this Muslim lady's ass and i found out that she was not wearing any panties. So, it was my palm, her thin legging and her fleshy ass... I was more turned on and just stopped my palm on her right cheek and grabbed it. I think I got carried away; she turned and looked at my face, she, in a low voice, told me- "thoda seedha khare rahi ye"/"Stand a little bit straight." I ignored, she looked ahead and continued her chat with her friend. I was just too turned on, I didn't care, so I grabbed her ass again. She jumped a little but never turned back. I continued feeling her ass cheeks for good 30 min till she got off. I was like stuck to her and got off with her. I didn't follow her, she never looked back. When I got off i realised I overshot my stop by 3 stops. But it was worth it. So, I took a cab back home and all the way couldn't believe my luck - as what had transpired, I couldn't stop thinking about that Muslim lady's ass on my palm and me just grabbing and squeezing it.. it was just heaven. I still can feel the touch of her ass on my hand and the warmth of her bum.

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