I’ve came in my pants about 20x now since the middle of September. My only problem is I cum too fast just like you said @Eric. I’m not gonna share all of my stories, as most of them are pretty average in my opinion. Not much to say anyway since I cum so fast lol. But I would like to get some opinions on my last 2 bouts.

1st one was on a bus. I boarded the bus at a crowded bus stop. Didn’t see any targets in the crowd of people waiting on line to get in the bus but it usually gets crowded about 10 min in. Once I got to the stop where it usually gets really crowded, I hop off the bus to “let people off the bus” (I’m really trying to very quickly scope any asses on the line of people entering the bus). I found this one girl. About early twenties. She was a Indian girl, decent ass (5/10 ass), nice black hair, couldn’t see her face because of the mask but sometimes you can tell who is hot behind the mask by looking at the eyes . She looked decent.

I got back on the bus and waited for her to board. Finally she gets on and I get right behind her. The bus is REALLY crowded . The more crowded it gets the easier it is for me to concentrate on the grope session, since I know nobody is looking at me. I poke her ass over and over with my dick until I get hard. She notices my dick after I got hard. She looks back but doesn’t say anything. I’m just praying she gives me 10 minutes tops because that all I need lmao. She’s all twitchy as I’m humping her. I can’t read her though. Can’t tell if she likes it or not.

Finally after about 5 minutes of humping her, she looks back and in a very low voice she says (can you please move over a bit). I act like I didn’t even acknowledge her and back off for about a minute. I was so mad because I was so close to cumming . But the horniness in me just kept wanting to go on humping her. So I did just that . I rested my dick on her ass again. She looks at me in the reflection of the bus window and just looks back at her phone. I took this as her way of saying (ohh fuck it whatever) so I kept humping for maybe 2 more min and finally bust in my pants. She immediately looks at me in the reflection again and has a worried look on her face (worried eyes lol) I move over and she gets off the bus . As she’s getting off she looks at my pants and sees all the jizz running down my pants.

I definitely felt bad for violating her after she told me to stop but man you know how it is when you’re really horny and just a few humps away from cumming.

2nd story is pretty similar except I cum in probably a minute instead of 10 minutes. I followed a girl on the train platform. She had a nice perky ass, kinda tall about 5’9, white, maybe in her late 20’s. I didn’t want to make contact right away. I waited till the train started going. Once it went I make contact with my dick. Got hard pretty fast and I see in the reflection of the train window. She sorta jumps, attempts to look back at me, failed attempt lol and just makes a gesture with her hand. Kinda like a (ahh whatever it happens everyday) gesture. It turned me on when she did that. I came not too long after that.

Now here is my opinion. I believe that most girls with nice asses get groped so much in crowds that they just allow it. Not because they like it. They just let it happen. I think it was all rounder that said that most girls like getting humped. I disagree. I think they just don’t wanna be confrontational..

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