Illegal Rave Success: Halloween Party

This is about my recent success last week at a Halloween rave, where I managed to cum on two girls for the first time! This is a long story, so I will be breaking stuff into a lot of paragraphs to make it easier to read.

When I arrived at the rave location, things weren't looking good. There was already police there and the people hosting the rave locked off the door so people couldn't get in. I went to the front entrance and there was a little group of people just eagerly waiting for the door to open. It was around midnight and for some reason the police just decided to back off for now and left the area, so more people began joining the group of people waiting to get inside.

I could hear the music and so could everyone else. Some people began getting impatient and began banging the warehouse door. It was fucking cold as well so people just wanted to get in - including me. I managed to get behind this one pretty brunette. She was wearing those types of silky worker pants females wear in like offices, but they were in a light color to match her outfit. When the door opened to allow some people in, everyone began PUSHING to get in - it was chaos! I used this opportunity to literally grab and palm her ass as people tried shoving in to get inside the door. Obviously the bigger guys were stronger so managed to get in, but while everyone was trying to get in I had my hand on her ass for the entire thing. When they closed the door again people began to stop and so did she. The girl looked back at me, said nothing, then began to smoke a cigarette. Lol.

After a couple minutes of waiting, I positioned myself behind a blonde girl. She was wearing a jacket but I could still feel the shape of her ass. When the door opened up again people began to crush each other to try get through, and I was plastered right behind her. Since we were near the front we finally got in and I was BLOWN away by how PACKED and HOT it was. The first thing I remember was feeling the heat hit my face. Luckily I was prepared for this due to my last experience at an indoor rave. I had no jacket and my halloween costume was dracula, so I had a long black cloak, a black top, and black bottoms. I strategically chose this black dracula outfit so it would be easier for me to hide my dick, because I was determined to finally cum on someone tonight.

I got adjusted to the heat and began making my way to the mosh pit. The place was PACKED, and I was already riding on one girl's ass trying to make my way to the dj/mosh area. It was so packed that I literally whiped out my dick and used my cloak to cover myself, I was thinking to myself "This is WAY better than the club!" I managed to get to the DJ area, and this is where it gets better. You see, there was a hall for the DJ set, and in this hall there was NO LIGHTS whatsoever! The only source of light was from the DJ set at the end of the hall and from people's phones, it was fucking dark! The fact it was almost pitch black and that my halloween costume was all black made me so bold. It was dark, but there was enough light to make out who was a girl or not, and I had so many targets to choose from, so I began looking for the perfect girl - and found her.

I saw this BEAUTIFUL brunette whore dancing with her friends. Everything about her was perfect. She was the perfect height, she had a sexy school girl outfit, she was even wearing those sexy black stockings, and she was COMPLETELY oblivious to everything I was doing! She was dancing with her friends, but I got behind her with my dick out and just let her do the work. It was so dark and crowded that it didn't look weird at all. This was such a perfect scenario, her skirt felt so nice and she was just dancing on my dick. The only issue I had was the heat. People were smoking and there was no windows or anything so it felt like we were in a microwave, I was barely there for 20 minutes and I was already sweating.

Anyways, it was dark, and this brunette in a sexy school girl outfit was just dancing on my dick. After 5 minutes of this I was feeling horny and bold so did something I never did before. I first began palming her ass, she did nothing. I then slid my hand UNDER her skirt! I couldn't believe I was doing this. Her ass was all sweaty (no surprise), but I began feeling her panties and her ass. I wasn't bold enough to try feel her pussy, but I quickly got my hand out of there after I felt enough. The best thing is she still did nothing! I was pretty sure she was either drunk or very high because she just kept dancing and having a great time with her friends.

Even though she was my first main target of that night, I wanted to cum on her. Since I was sweating it was hard to cum on my own, so I began jacking off with one hand while rubbing my dick on her and touching her ass with my other hand. All of a sudden some guy began talking to her. I was still behind her, humping her, while this conversation was still going on. He was flirting with her and looks like he wanted her Instagram. I really wanted to keep looking to see her Instagram, but I was more focused on actually getting to cum on her. I believe I remember her saying 'Alex', but that could either be her name or the guys name, but from now on I will be referring to her as 'Alex'.

Anyways, I found it funny and hot that this simp was trying to chat her up and dance with her while I had my hand up my skirt and been riding her for over 10 minutes haha! That feeling came over me and I knew I was going to cum. This was my first time doing this, I usually cum in my trousers, but this was a perfect opportunity. I used my dracula cape to cover my side and then began cumming on her. However, half way through she fucking moved! But I managed to hold my cum, follow her, then cum on her again. After I was done I backed off to admire my first cum. But it was dark! I wanted to get my phone out and put on flash and just point it at her but that would've made me stand out, so I had to wait for OTHER people to use their flash. Someone eventually did and I managed to see a slimy streak down her skirt, it looked like a slug or snail was on it.

I wanted to see more, but it was just too dark and crowded unfortunately, so I couldn't even take a picture. I put my hand on her ass and sure enough I felt my cum, but I just wish I could visually see it. Anyways, I was very dehydrated and tired so went out of the DJ hallway to the open area to relax. The 'open area' was basically the bit where people enter, there was light here and it was cooler here cos it was close to the entrance. I had no water and I was sweating buckets, but I knew I was going to get hard again so was preparing for round 2. While I was relaxing, I saw a black girl with a tight grey/brownwish dress. She was short and her ass was poking out, but there was wet patches on her ass. Like, due to the size and pattern of this wet patch it couldn't have been water or sweat, it looked like someone came on her ass! I was just looking and examining her stained ass. It looked like someone shot a load on her and it was drying up. It was so crowded and so dark in there, I wouldn't be surprised if there were other chikans in there.

After 10 minutes, I was cooled down a bit and began getting hard again seeing all the sexy girls in their outfits. I went back into the mosh pit to find another target. My dick was out and hard and I found this short blonde with a FAT ASS. She was wearing these blue trousers and I just laid my dick on her ass and let her dance. This went on for like 5 minutes until she was aware of what was happening. She looked back at me then said something to her friends. I quickly just moved pass them to find someone else.

I managed to get myself behind this beautiful arab looking girl. She was wearing these army cargo trousers, I think her costume was military themed. My dick was still rock hard from the last blonde girl, so I just plastered myself onto the arab cargo pants girl. She did nothing and began dancing! She was moving from side to side, moving my dick, she was a player - or so I thought. This was going on for like 10 minutes, it was pretty obvious she knew my dick was out, I kept poking her with it and she did nothing and kept dancing and rubbing her ass on my dick. Since was doing this I got bold and wanted to put my hands on her hips, so when I tried doing that she stopped. What the fuck? She then whispered to her friend 'IM LITERALLY GETTING ASS FUCKED!' then they both looked back at me and the arab girl grabbed her friends arm and moved somewhere else. What the fuck???? She was so into it, she had no issue grinding on my exposed dick, but me trying to put my hands on her hips was the final straw?

I was confused and mad. The thing is, by this time the place was getting REALLY hot. In fact, it was so hot, that there was water forming on the ceiling and dropping down us, we basically created our own rain inside here. I was dancing around, actually enjoying myself, and also getting a few gropes here and there. I really liked how I was able to drag my dick across asses of girls who dressed really slutty and literally had their ass cheeks exposed. I managed to find Alex again and was humping her again. I felt her ass to see if my cum was still on her skirt, but I guess it must've dried off. I saw her snort cocaine while I was on her lol so I knew she wouldn't care, but I wanted to nut on someone else, so I left her again.

Now, it was getting so hot that people were getting uncomfortable. They really fucked up by not making some sort of ventilation system, we were literally getting cooked inside there. People began taking off their shirts and stuff. I was thirsty and tired and just wanted to bust another nut and get out of there. The mosh pit wasn't as crowded as before now, people were just waiting in the open area now because it was the only place where it wasn't boiling hot. I had a few more gropes, but nothing really memorable worth talking about.

Then, all of a sudden a new DJ came on and people got excited and more people began coming back. I guess this was a famous DJ or something, because people were hyped! This was great for me, as the pit became more populated and crowded. I managed to get behind this nice thicc brunette. She had a nice ass, and her pants material was great! It kind of felt like pyjamas bottoms, but more silky. She had her jacket wrapped around her waist though, but I managed to lift it up and plant my dick directly on her ass. She began dancing and dancing, massaging my dick with her big ass. It felt so good, I was going to cum again - and I did! I plastered myself onto her while I was cumming on her ass. When I was done I took a step back to try admire my work, but her jacket was covering it. Damn! I tried lifting it but it was also dark. I used my hand to feel her ass and felt my cum, shame I wouldn't see it for myself.

I went back to the open area and decided it was time to go. It was getting late and many people were leaving as well. There was a lot of police outside as well. When I went outside, I didn't notice how THIRSTY I was. I was struggling to swallow because it was hard for me to make saliva. It was fucking hot in there, but it was worth it. There is no better feeling than having your dick out and cumming on your targets. I just don't know how you guys can do it in a club - the only reason I was confident enough to do it was because it was pitch black and we were all packed in a tiny warehouse. I don't know if I will be attending much illegal raves this month, I am considering taking a break. However, I know for sure I'll be back in December - especially for the New Years one!

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