First I wonder whatever happened to Female Guest, a female perspective is always fascinating and to have read about being double humped by the groper you know and the Asian man was top notch content. You would have saved this forum and enlighten us with content. I thought you had more stories to share.

I applaud the owner webmaster Ayashi as he is doing a great job running this site.

But any of you guys had any thoughts on dickflash and oneclick chicks forums? Not looking to leave this forum but wanted to lurk around on other sites to see if there’s any good current stories to probably repost here. You know like how some people on here used to say “not mine story but something I found”. I think someone did this recently posting a story that wasn’t theirs and Old Man had to point the obvious out.

I want to read some interesting stories but all I see is political opinions, people cheering one another for upcoming raves, throwback stories, COVID19 talk and people complaining about not caring and continuing to hump. That’s all good but where is the booty humping?

I know it’s difficult to hump and videotaped it/take a photo of the action. I wouldn’t do it.

Big T videos are very impressive but for whatever reason, I stopped seeing stories from him on a constant basis. The story about the disabled story was spectacular and to have someone else on this board back up his claim; makes me think it’s legitimate cool. I would love to see stories that fit the video to better understand what’s going on.

But whatever happened to telling a great story with a video or photo to show for it? Although Shogun was a critical expletive words, he was a great fairytale writer.

Before you guys accuse me of criticizing, no I am not forcing anyone to do anything for me. Just stating my boredom with this activity that we all indulge in.

I already read all through the archives and my only favourites are Rock Hard and High School Humper, Ms Dark Desire, Black Shogun and Mr Teen Groper. Allrounder has some good stories but the excitement is missing. I’m sorry, man.

The rest were a little boring or strange or incomprehensible. Not my taste.

Come get mad at my opinions all you want. I don’t really care..

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