Re: BigFootBum - Thanks Bros

Hi BigFootBum,

I think I know who "Black Observer" is too, and as you say, it's pretty obvious. Take a look at certain words in his post that show up with the same kind of spelling or typo error repeatedly. That could be a function of his phone or something. But it's just like the Unabomber where his typewriter made the same mistake over and over again. It was an identifier that helped lead to his capture.

Now, this one type of spelling error often shows up in the posts of another well-known member here very frequently, somebody who goes by another well-known handle. I won't say who it is because we don't need any troubles here. Calling people out. But, I don't know why others here have to post under these fake names and pretend to be who they aren't. And then be unwittingly found out by that repeating spelling/type error.

We just need more stories. More good stories. Anyway, in this case, it's a dead giveaway that "Black Observer" is a certain member here who has been posting a bit as of late under his other handle. It's that repeating spelling error or computer-generated typo that is the dead giveaway as to his identity. Sure, it conceivably could be somebody else, but I've noticed the error shows up regularly in this one member's post. I only ask why?

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