Returning Users

Now that some of you guys are back from the other website, I’m still laughing ! LOL. Back so soon? I heard one of you guys say it disappeared Lurking around here when others and myself have been conversing. Alright guys the gig is up, I want to see some user handles. Instead of contributing to another board, contribute to the one you have right here. The longest one and only one that exists at the moment.

I can’t help myself in insulting this one member whenever I come on here but I know this one particular member has gone real shy since he had his little outburst. He talks to himself with the Guest Handle in the abused section.

Now let’s hear some stories! All I hear about is raves and now I want to read and listen.

Where’s Chikan Expert? Although your encounters are quite short lived due to busting in your pants too quickly. I still like reading them stories.

As it’s quite the opposite for me, I like to enjoy every single moment of it and when it’s time to bust, somehow my target gets misplaced in the crowd(Crowd surfed) or she leaves. I am just like to last longer. I don’t like the stress to finish quickly when I could take my time. I see some chikan videos of guys just walking up to girls behinds and jerk off and bust and leave. 5 to 10 second videos. No I could never. What’s the rush? I know it’s satisfying but somehow I trained myself to last long.

We are all perverts and we have our own techniques.

Just posting an opinion.

To Allrounder, I’m glad to hear that you are back from your break. I’m happy to look forward for my upcoming trip to South America as well. I could not last in what is expected to be a cold cold winter in Ontario. Im trying to get away from the cold with vacationing especially since it’s online school.

I always wondered didn’t you say you were once a professor or teacher or something and how you humped a student you taught or recognized. I thought you would have been nervous about your job. If you knew her, wouldn’t she have known you? This story may have been one of your old ones or maybe a different member.

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