My fellow black people. My African brothers and sisters.

I used to hump big booties all day and night and everyday. Slim girls. Reached out in public and you could grab some booty if you are brave and has to be the right girl. Crowded bus and if it’s a little less crowded, you could reach over and touch a girls butt. Of course she may or may not turn around; if she does she would move away if she looks at you, say sorry. I remember I had this tall white women on the bus who was trying to get away from the path which was blocking passengers from leaving. She didn’t have much space so she rested her booty on my dick which was in my pants, she felted it and had to adjust and shift to the left by the windows. She didn’t say shit to me.

China screwed up everything. Tourism is down, economy is down, Asians get harassed for the virus, businesses are closing like Le Chateau, Airbnb is dead as people are renting out units on the market now. Schools are online. Bars, clubs are not doing anything and are not available. Downhill. China is making money by making the testing kits, the PPE and exporting.

China will think twice before doing anything in the lab virus another 10 years. Trump was onto them. Even though I’m Canadian, I wanted trump to win. Make America great again. If Joe Biden wins and enforced gun control and abolished the police, y’all would be in shit and run to Canada. Who’s going to save you? Murders and rapists running loose. Chikans are the hunt but now can grope freely as no police.

All lives matter.

This is not a political board but how come y’all protesting for when people don’t obey police officers commands and may have weapons? They are attacking police officers and police are there to defend. Who are you guys going to call when there is trouble? Batman? Ghostbusters?

Did you guys see when a black madman shot at 2 officers and they were injured and had to go to the hospital. BLM protestors were wishing death.

Even in South America, there was this incident where 2 African teenagers were murdered and 7 South Americans were arrested. The Africans in that country were mad and went for revenge against the one of South American who was in custody, family. They killed the male relative in spite. They also robbed and harassed innocent South Americans. Other countries come in with the DNA testing and show that the 7 were innocent and released. Now the case is turning potentially cold.

Like when there is clear racism for other minorities, Africans stay quiet. You can’t even talk now. This white guy on this reality tv show who was about to get evicted by the other contestants was talking about the black person who was sitting on the eviction block next to him. The white guy won one of the seasons prior and was a returning houseguest. He just said his game is superior than the other black guy game (who was floating) and BLM supporters are calling that insensitive and racial comments. When the white guy got on Twitter he had to apologize.

When someone says they won’t want to date an black person; y’all get mad and say racist. That’s why people have to please you and say they won’t date another ethnic group instead. When someone says they won’t date another ethnic group; y’all have the guts to say that’s an preference and defend the person.

You guys only like yourself. You are using slavery as an sympathetic. Asians and Indians were also slaves in South America but just because they got paid 5 cents and had the freedom to leave after contracts was over, y’all don’t consider it the same.

I love everyone and everybody no matter the sexuality, race, able or disable or gender.

BLM has to support the ethnic genocide in Armenia. Don’t leave Armenia 🇦🇲 by themselves struggling in some sort of war.

WE THE PEOPLE ARE ONE ! We are the human race.

We have to know when we are in the wrong and support one another .

Our privilege are turning too much. We are turning into our oppressors.

I LOVE CHINA, INDIA, MIDDLE EASTERN, AFRICAN, EAST Indians, White and Hispanic girls to hump. Any girl is gorgeous as there’s beauty in the beholder and beauty is skin deep.

God is watching over his creations.

Live life as you only live once.

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