Re: Bigfootbum

You're 100% right on that! I got "busted" with some dumbass shit last year on this board, and when I thought about the shit the one member was talking I thought "why the fuck am I trippin'? I don't know ANYBODY on this effin' board, and I don't care too. Before I discovered this shit I was enjoying my life choice by my lonesome- nuttin' and grindin' and gropin bitches for most of my life without ever sharing a story or getting advice from another chikan like me. I thought I was one of a very few that did what I did, and I could care less. Now I know there's a whole tribe of us. But I still don't care if y'all believe my antics or not. I know what time it is. I don't give a fuck if y'all believe me or not when I tell these experiences. Screw it! If you don't believe me, okay. If I can help you get a better experience, okay. Do I learn from some of you? Yep! But in the end I'm gonna do my solo thing until I can't any longer. I'll share what I can and you mo' fo's can believe-it-or-not.

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