Feds don't give a FLYING FUCK about some fucking RAVE EVENT.
What are they going to do? Arrest every fucking dude there for being a potential chikan?????

See how fucking comically laughable that shit is????? LMMFAO.

If anything it done just helped alot of the brotherhood in this forum finally get some fucking action and POSSIBLY REVIVE this dead ass forum.

I dont want to hear another God damn story about hand humper or whatever his weird ass name is tell another lame ass no booty frotting story EVER AGAIN.

I dont want to see LAME ass CORNY stories about FLASHING ever again either as if that shit was actually something and as if it actually apertains to subject of this whole God damn forum's purpose of existence in itself; let's keep the forum STRICTLY chikan on what we all want to hear and have done experienced, that mother fucking BOOTY.

Round,nice, soft, perky BOOTY.

We want stories and experiences our mother fucking selves so why be lazy all these years and finally help each other the fuck out.

Dudes don't have to exchange phone numbers like fags or have to meet up with each other at events, we don't have to give out addresses of where each other stays so we can come over and sip tea and hold hands skipping off to converts together, just give a heads up and its a done fucking deal, good looking out bro!!!

If you do something retarded like dont pick up red flags and hints a bitch is NOT game and she's totally not FEELING YOUNand you take shit too far and do something unnecessarily stupid and get caught the fuck up, hey thats on your stupid dumb jackals self and you got to deal with the shit you got yourself into.

But I dont see nothing wrong about giving bros heads up on events and opportunities, at the end of the day its up to the chikan brother who takes the advice or info to use precaution in the field of duty and to comprehend situations and to move peacefully, stealthy if he can get the job done or whatever in all finesse in his ride.

If there's a moron who wants to do rąpe level shit by walking up to a broad then pulling her pants down and sticking a dick dead in her asshole then that's that retard and the circumstances he just made for his damn self.

But honestly, logically I highly do not believe anything retardedly unbelievable like that will fucking happen.

Sharing events is not that serious.

Just don't do obviously complete-idiot level shit that will EASILY get you in trouble and enjoy your fucking self.

9/10ths of the women who let you chikan them are obviously game/players as if they DONT KNOW THERE'S A HARD ASS DICK on there asses. LOL

So the chances a player ratting and switching you out is REALLY damn near non existent unless she's a secret weird ass me too movement kind of bitch.

If it helps, just tell brothers that a event is occurring on such and such day so do research on events around that time.

Or make a xhamster or pornhub account, put it on private and give trusted brothers the accessibility to see comments that you post yourself on your profile page to let brothers get the heads up on upcoming events.

You not ruining shit you're actually making it better by letting the homies have fun and to keep STORIES consistently posted on the damn site.

It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none jack ass. LOL

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