Send Some Links For Underground Raves Fellow Chikans

If you guys can search on the group chat pages for American city's who have updates on weekly underground Raves then do some research for us American bros too.

The more working together the higher likely we can revive this sites forum on stories at rates never seen before.

I mean these are underground raves, you don't have to buy any incriminating tickets online you just got to pay at the door and like you said they are DARKER than most normal events and festivals so the opportunity to pull shit off is even more splendid and the bitches will be on party favors since underground raves are based on that unlike main stream fests that check for shit before you even get in.

If anybody sees some shit for Los Angeles please KEEP ME UPDATED on a LINK.

I'm probably heading to FL soon too so keep me updated in any underground ish out there in Miami? FT lauder, orlando and Tampa too!!!

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