Illegal Rave Success: 2nd Week

So last weekend I went to another illegal rave. If you haven't read my first story that I posted on, I've been lucky enough to find out that some groups host illegal raves. You have to find them on Instagram based on your city - if you're lucky.

Anyways, I attended this illegal rave anticipating some groping and did not leave disappointed. If you didn't read my first story, these illegal raves are much more different than legal clubs - illegal raves are truly a paradise for chikans like us. It was dark and cramped when I arrived, and I already saw tons of girls about. I wasted no time and went to the front of the crowd, near where the DJ was playing. This is where I found two potential targets; a brunette and a blonde. The blonde was shorter and more attractive and had better attire; she was wearing these black and white leggings and had a better ass. The brunette was a bit taller and was more thin and was wearing joggers, but her ass still felt nice.

Obviously, I went for the blonde first. She was oblivious for about 5 minutes but then understood what was going on I think. She looked back at me and we made eye contact. She didn't say anything or show any sign of discomfort but I hate it when they make eye contact with you, it just puts me off. I backed off her and settled for her friend, who was WAY more better. I kept rubbing my dick all over her ass (my dick was still inside my chikan trousers, had no underwear). She was dancing and was obvlious to all of this -I knew I was gonna cum on her tonight. What made this even better was that we were at the front, and there was a little barrier between us and the DJ, and since there was no proper cloak room people would use this barrier to put their jackets. When people did this the brunette would bend over to sort them out to get them out of the way, always backing her ass into my dick. Felt so good!

I was enjoying her until something big happened. Apparently we were too loud and the police were scoping the area. Now, it was already pretty dark inside, but there was some lights from the DJ set. However, they stopped the music and turned off every light and told everyone to shut up. It was PITCH BLACK now and this brunette was still in front of me. I got out my dick and began rubbing it on her. She didn't say anything or even notice. Game! I kept doing this, thinking I was going to cum on her, however some people were getting pissed off that the music stopped and that we were just standing in darkness. People began coming to the front to get their coats, and they turned on their torches on their phones. This ruined it to me, so I had to put my dick back unfortunately. Damn! However I would still keep rubbing on her. It was dark and this just made me more bold with my movements.

When someone came to shine their torch to get their jacket, I noticed another beautiful girl. She was wearing those types of leggings thats' a combination of a trouser and legging. I don't know how to explain it, but the material gives such a nice feel. I saw her nice ass as well and made the decision to leave my brunette for this girl. I made my way over to her, stood behind her, and literally just dragged my dick across her ass. No reaction. It turns me on when I make my moves so blatant and they don't do anything. I began digging my dick into her ass, felt so good. She again did nothing and we were just standing and waiting in the dark. However, more people began to sit down and go on their phones, which gave some light in our area. It would've looked weird if I remained plastered to her since people were leaving or sitting down, so I went back to the brunette, but not before I dug my dick into her ass a final time.

I went back to the brunette, and after a couple of minutes we were still in darkness and I was getting worried that we would have to leave and that police will burst in at any second. So, I began jacking off to speed up the process. When I was about to cum I plastered myself on her for the whole orgasm. Felt so good. She didn't do anything or even acknowledge me at all, I think she was either drunk or high on drugs. When I finished cumming I felt uncomfortable because it was a big load and my chikan trousers were soaked, I believe some even managed to go through my trousers and onto her. It was dark so I couldn't really see but I went to the front and was considering going home.

All of a sudden the music starts up again and people cheer and the rave is back on. However, I noticed a lot of people left or were just sitting on the floor at the back. I tried going back to the brunette but her stupid friends kept looking at me which turned me off so I left her. When the music began again it wasn't the same, because a lot of people left. However, the bar began getting packed. I say it was a 'bar', but really they were just selling water, beer, and drugs lol. I remember I got behind this beautiful girl who was wearing a really tight rave outfit. It was like silk or something and her cheeks were tight and hugged in them. I tried groping her but my dick was still tired, plus it was fucking hot inside there and I was thirsty.

I lingered around the bar, had a few gropes here and there, and was considering going back home, until I saw this black girl with a FAT ass. This was those typical black girls you see on Instagram with FAT asses. She wasn't one of those ugly fat girls who was fat all over. This black girl was decent looking and had that nice thicc body. She was wearing jeans but her ass was so big and so soft it still felt fucking amazing when I dug my dick in it. She made no reaction whatsoever, maybe cos shes used to her fat ass being 'bumped' into. I thought to myself I HAD to cum against this ass. I began jacking off while also rubbing on her ass. When I felt I was about to cum I plastered myself on her fat ass and just left myself on her while I pulsated against her ass. Felt soooo good.

This was my second nut of the night (in my trousers) and I was feeling really tired and thirsty now. I looked at the fat ass of that black girl one last time then left the place. I had way better success at the Halloween rave last night (I came on two girls for the first time!), which I will be posting sometime this week. I think it will be two parts since a lot happened.

ALSO, don't even bother asking me for their Instagrams. Sorry, but I can't publicly post that information on this board for obvious reasons. You just need to look at the right places and know some people... that's all I have to say.

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