Re: BigT - Darkness

Even in the dark, people can get some idea of how old you are. Believe me. I know from direct experience. Besides, if there is a line to get in, people will see you there waiting. Go to the bathroom or to get a drink. Get noticed. Bright stage or club lights. You will be seen. Even if it's dark, it's usually not literally pitch black dark all the time. People need to be able to see some just to be able to safely move around.

I'm not saying don't go. Just realize first that even at a supposed "all ages" show or club or event, you can be noticed by people for your older age, and you will be noticed by somebody (whether they say something to you or not). And second, try to blend in. Wear appropriate clothing, and it helps if one looks young or younger for one's age. The latter is just the luck of nature's draw.

Also, having an alibi comes in handy if you can produce one. "I'm here with my kids who are somewhere in this crowd." Or, "I'm alumni back for a visit." "I just happen to love this one particular DJ"! Whatever is believable and that works. And if all else fails and you just got to have it, then the hell with it and just take a reasonable risk and go for it! By reasonable I mean like, for example, don't be a 50 year-old man showing up to see an act that attracts mostly nothing but teenage girls!

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